Augmented Reality meets Earth Observation

ARmEO focuses on a user-friendly and cost-efficient combination of smart satellite-based tools and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to allow a precise monitoring and management of crop production. To start, ARmEO focuses on some target-oriented problems (crop performance, nitrogen fertilizer, field scouting and field data collection) and it extends to other sectors in need of Earth observation (EO) data and innovative visualization technologies. Within this application framework, the main goals of the ARmEO project are: (1) to advance existing satellite-based products and bring them closer to the user by linking them to practical assessment tools and policies, and (2) to experiment innovative AR visualization technologies that will bring EO information to the user in a supportive and intuitive way

Hard Facts

The sector of agriculture is traditionally characterized by drastic changes and big revolutions. Mechanization, chemicals and fertilizer, plant genetics and, more recently, precision farming, all brought innovations into agriculture. Once more, agriculture is undergoing a big revolution, with the introduction of digital information using remote and field sensors, Big Data, Internet of Things, and innovative ways to analyse and interact with information. The digitalization of agriculture will contribute tremendously to a more efficient and sustainable production. Today, we have the opportunity to provide useful insights thanks to Copernicus data and advanced models. However, we still fail to effectively deliver this information to the users. Farmers often lack the necessary experience to systematically store, organize and consume valuable information.

Duration: 2021-01-01 to 2022-12-31
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Service readiness level: Research/desk study

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