CropMon – Enabling an operational Sentinel-2 Crop Monitoring Service

EO-based monitoring of crop type, status and its change over time is a key information for agricultural stakeholders and used, amongst others, in crop growth models to predict crop yields and eventually grain prices. The dedicated exploitation of S-2 observations provides operational crop monitoring information solutions enabling a dedicated processing and dissemination capacity. Specifically, CropMon enabled: • supercomputer ready processing chains for the identification of crop types / cropland areas as well as for the monitoring of crop conditions and • an online, interactive service order and delivery platform via the Austrian Earth Observation Data Centre (EODC)

Hard Facts

In response to growing pressure on the world’s crop supply, an increasing demand exists for agricultural monitoring providing intelligence for: i) the agricultural industry for pre-financing, managing water demand and crop development as well as insurances; ii) the responsible public organisations at regional, national and trans-national for formulating directives and laws, controlling and reporting obligations; iii) the international development agencies and financing institutions for assessing development requirements, ensuring efficient developments and monitoring food security. EO data contribute to crop monitoring as a proven source for transparent, timely and consistent information on agricultural productivity at field, regional or national scale. The project’s long term aim was to develop the basis for an operational crop monitoring service applying time-series Copernicus Sentinel-2 data (crop type / area identification, crop condition monitoring).

Duration: 2015-01-01 to 2016-06-30
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Service readiness level: In use

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Contact name: Andreas Walli, Commercial Director