Extended EO-based services for dynamic information needs in humanitarian action

The project deepened our understanding of the specific needs of humanitarian and development actors. This allowed us to create and provide tailored services for population estimation, damage assessment, vulnerability assessment and landuse/landcover change

Hard Facts

As a follow-up to EO4HumEn, this project aimed at widening the portfolio of EO-based services for humanitarian actors, by addressing the needs of a wider range of project partners, including ICRC, The Austrian Red Cross and its national Red Cross/Red Crescent partner organisations in Ethiopia and Nepal, SOS Children's Villages. The enlarged portfolio included dwelling extraction and mapping, landcover change, support to the construction of water infrastructure, and accessibility analyses. The project was executed in cooperation with DLR, Austrian Red Cross, and Groundwater Relief.

Duration: 2016-05-01 to 2018-06-30
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Service readiness level: In use

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