EO-based landslide mapping: from methodological developments to automated web-based information delivery

In Land@Slide, we developed a pre-operational EO-based web service that supports users in their landslide mapping and monitoring tasks by providing them access to landslide information extraction tools and tools for landslide map comparison to detect changes or identify damaged infrastructure. The Land@Slide web service allows users toapply tools for interactively producing landslide information. The service architecture provides key functionalities and descriptions to guide users through the entire workflow of landslide information extraction and subsequent analysis steps.

Hard Facts

In mountainous regions, such as the Alps, landslides frequently cause damage and pose a risk to the population and infrastructure, e.g., buildings, roads, railways, and trails. Hence, infrastructure maintainers, regional authorities, and emergency services require detailed and complete information on past and new occurrences of landslides to protect people and infrastructure and to manage risks. The increased availability and quality of Earth observation data, in combination with new computational methods, foster attempts to automate the preparation of landslide maps while reducing time and costs.

Duration: 2015-03-01 to 2017-08-31
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Service readiness level: Tested/piloted

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Contact name: Dr. Daniel Hölbling, Senior Scientist